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Changing my look tomorrow!

That’s right!
I’m going to get extensions tomorrow. My real hair is at shoulder length, but I’m going to get a sew in weave tomorrow that goes down to my chest (because I think it’s sexy).

PS: Ive been seeing this guy everyday for the past week. He’s leaving soon and I already have my next guy lined up, and well as my extra pick-me-up boy from work. He he.



Anonymous asked: I love him. I fucking love him. I know you always say "ask yourself if you really do" but I do. My depression is back and I haven't stop crying and I just want to hug him till I feel okay again but I can't do it anymore, I see him everyday and It just hurts to feel this way and not being able to just go there and hug him and then leave like nothing never happened. I don't know what to do. I can't even talk to him without feeling pathetic.

Take a minute to relax.
Make yourself a cup of tea,
Get into some comfy clothes,
Take a deep breath,
And relax.

Heartbreakers do not panic like that. You need to take a second to collect your thoughts, because you don’t want to do or say something irrational/crazy.

Rehearse the main things you want to talk about with him in your head. Memorize your key points. Then talk to him in personal, calmly. Pretend like you’re a teacher and he’s a child. You have to make him understand without you getting out if line.

-xoxo, ROAHB

Anonymous asked: A few months ago I was dating a guy that was "in love with me" and I do was in love with him, he ended up hurting me and I thought he was moving to other school but he stayed and is in my classroom. I have something that is very important to him, should I just return it or just keep using it till he asks for it. I so want to hurt his man pride.

What is it?
If it’s something from his family (ex: his great grandma’s pin), give it back.

Otherwise, I say keep it till he asks for it. He gave it to you, so it’s yours.

Ask yourself is what he did to you bad enough to the point where you want to get some sort of payback. If it’s not huge, just do you. And by that, I mean focus on yourself and your happiness. He can’t touch that if you don’t let him.

-xoxo, ROAHB

Anonymous asked: Hi! I have this problem that everyone in my class and the class above me wants me to date one of my best guy friends. We are close and I don't think he has feelings for me, and I don't really have feelings for him, but I'm afraid that if everyone keeps doing this, I might go with it and have feeling a for him, please help.

Don’t date him if you don’t have feelings for him. No one else understands your friendship with him better than you do. For all you know, dating him could end your friendship.

Don’t give in to peer pressure.

-xoxo, ROAHB

Anonymous asked: i turned 17 this year, we started datin the day after my birthday. but after 14 years we on the law. :(

So you’re a minor?

It’s illegal for him to date/sleep with you.
If a grown man is willing to have sexual relations with his underage student, I don’t find him to be a trust worthy man at all.

I repeat, it is ILLEGAL.

For you, and for his job, please end it.


Anonymous asked: I have a friend that I see like once a week if we're lucky, but when he sees me is really cute, and playful, and flirts A LOT. We have the same friends, they are our best friends since grammar school, so that's why we know like everything of each other. The thing is that he likes me and I'm just attracted to him, I think it could be a good relationship but at the same time I'm not sure because he's in another school, and we barely see each other. At the same time I just feel like he's playing.

If you feel like he’s playing, don’t okay with him. You’re getting attached as it is.

If you two have shared some deep stuff together and you have a ride or die type of relationship, an actual relationship may work. If you guys aren’t ride or die with each other but end up dating, it probably won’t last and you’ll lose a lover and friend at the same time.

-xoxo, ROAHB

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much

I’ve been waiting on getting a new laptop and I’ve been working a lot.
Sorry for any inconvenience my heartbreakers

Anonymous asked: my bf told me that he loved like a month ago but he was really drunk, next morning he asked me if he had said that i told hiim yes and that was it, we didnt say anything about if he meant it or not. he hasnt said it again and i havent as well, i do love him but im not ready to say it and also scared he wont love me back but he always hints like "u dont even imagine how much i care about u" and stuff like that, what do u make of allthis? should i tell him or do you think he loves me?

I can’t tell you if I think he loves you.
But I think he’s trying to hint at you that he meant it (:

If I were you, I’d tell him that I love him.

-xoxo, ROAHB

Anonymous asked: no, he is not married... its like a case cause of the circuntances, he is single, will not get fired (cause there is more than a techer datin students) nd he wont be arrsted cause we on the law. I used to use him too, thats what it make it complicated, i used to call him just for fun but i think i am gettin too attached, and its hard to stop seeing him cause i see him 3 times a week.I really dont know how to do things

How old are you love?

Anonymous asked: I love your blog ❤️ you've answered a lot of my questions before, thx for all the advice. eighth grade starts in a few days and I want to make it a good year. do you have any advice for me about guys, how to "conquer" lol, basically any middle school heartbreaker advice?

Glad I could help!

- Don’t make things easy for guys
- Don’t ever feel pressured by guys or girls
- Keep makeup to light lipgloss, minimal eyeliner, and mascara. More makeup doesn’t mean better makeup. You’re still young.
- Don’t assume you can trust everyone
- Be aware of rumors
- Ignore negative comments about your body if there are any. You’re still growing.
- Radiate positivity
- You don’t need to follow what’s cool to be cool
- Don’t put on an act or show
- Don’t fight with people
- Be confident

-xoxo, ROAHB

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