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created 4/13/13.
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Co-Worker Triangle

     So I’ve been working at my job since the place opened, which is about 4 months. There is a guy there that I started having some of the same shifts with. Lets call him Darren.

     Darren is my age. Slim and charismatic. Nice guy.  On Sunday, we had the same 10 minute break. He asks me for  a dollar because he wants to change it for 2 half dollar coins he saw. I give it to him, and he says “Aww you’re so nice”. I somehow ended up telling him about my experiences in highschool with racism, and how I dislike a number of my friends. He gets up to clock back in, and as hes leaving, he tells me “Awww. Well we should hang out sometime. It’ll be fun!”. Still sitting, I smile and say “Well I’ll see you tonight”. He stops in his tracks. “Huh?”. I remind him its our co-worker’s birthday dinner a few hours after our shift a Korean bbq restaurant. He says “Oh yeah! You’re going?! Nice!”.

       After work, I drive to the clothing store 3 min away from my house to get a tank top for the night. I bought this black purse last week just for this dinner (I was bored with my old purse). I couldn’t wait to use it with a new outfit.  I bought a skin tight grey spaghetti strap tank top (with my best push up bra underneath. It gives me THE BEST cleavage. I have fairly large boobs. This bra doesn’t make it obvious that I’m wearing a push up bra.). I paired it with a black sheer long cardigan. I knew this dinner was casual, but when you’re seeing your co-workers outside of work, I believe that you need to look good as hell. Its your time to show them what you’re capable of in terms of looks.

     I took an hour to get ready. Chose my signature sweet strawberry scent that I usually wear for dates. I let my hair down and put in some dry oil to make my hair soft and smooth. I wore my little gold necklace that I wear almost everyday and my gold bangle that I wear daily. I made sure my makeup was perfectly matte so I wouldn’t get oily, and repainted my nails a dark burgundy color.

     Why all of this preparation for a co-workers birthday? Because I think the birthday boy is cute. We’ll call the birthday boy Marcos. Marcos is a year younger than me. Hes pretty shy, sweet, and really playful. He has a slight Mexican accent when he talks sometimes. I think its cute. I was so relieved to know that the only other girl co-workers that were coming were from the older crowd (Theres this 1 bossy girl I work with that I think likes Marcos a little, but I know he’s not interested in her. She had to work till closing ahahahaha).  The feelings I have for him are light. I don’t want to date him, but I love flirting with him at work. The way we flirt is subtle and playful. When I clock out for work, he clocks in, and we give each other a high-five. We also pretend we’re shooting each other at work lol.

     I get to the Korean bbq restaurant and walk up to my co-workers outside. Half of them are my peers, the other half are in their 40’s. The older women tell me “you’re so young and pretty!”. I greet them and join in on the conversations, while I stand next to Marcos as if its my place. The hostess tells us that our table is ready. We walk in, and I ask him “where do you want to sit? You should sit in the middle since its your birthday!”. He chooses a seat in the middle and I sit next to him. I was glad Darren wasn’t sitting next to me. I can feel Darren watching me the whole time. Darren doesn’t really fit in with any of the co-workers except for one of them, but that one’s gf was sitting next to him. Darren chooses a spot next to his friend’s girlfriend.

     As we’re eating, Darren starts taking photos of us. And by us, I mean me. Normally, someone would whip out their phone and take pics of everyone, you know, random candids. All I see is Darren taking pictures of me. Weird.

    Darren starts drinking. Then he kinda starts showing off his muscles to the older women. I was even impressed because I didn’t think he had any. I touch them as he’s flexing and say “Impressive”. 

     I have no interest in Darren at all. If anything, I find him a little annoying.

     Marcos and I end up having our own inside jokes. We looked like a couple. I even spoon fed him some of the food with my spoon. At the end of the dinner, we see that the restaurant has macaron icecream sandwiches, which I’ve never had! I ask him if he wants to split one with me. He says sure. Then the waiter tells me that they only accept cash for the macaon icecream sandwiches. Saddened, I turn to Marcos and tell him I only have card, and he says “don’t worry, I got it”. The damn thing was 4 or 5 dollars. Anyways, we get a strawberry one and share it by me taking a bite, then him taking a bite back & forth. When It came down to the last bite, I fed it to him, and my fingers grazes his soft bottom lip. God hes so cute.

      About half of the co-workers go home. Me, Marcos, Darren, and 3 other coworkers stay behind in the parking lot just goofing off for about an hour.

      Darren must have been jealous all night because he started acting very needy towards me. He might as well have said something like “Pay attention to me PLEASEEEE!”. He let me use his vape pen and I coughed a little, and he said “awww you’re so cute”. I give him a weird look. Then later in the night, he tugged on my purse. I told him “Don’t tug on my purse”. He gives me puppy eyes and tugs on my cardigan like a child that lost their mommy. “What?” I ask.

    “I’m cold. Stand next to meeee” he says. I was seriously thinking wtf. I didn’t get closer, and I didn’t move farther away. I didn’t want to make him feel bad. He gets picked on a little at work. I don’t like it because it reminds me of high school shit.

     Around 2 am, we decide that we should all be getting him. Everyone hugs each other goodbye. I hug Darren and he goes  ”I feel closer to you now…”. I just gave him a fist bump lol. *friend zoneee*

      Marcos parked a little farther than me and my other co-workers. He asks “can someone give me a ride to my car?”. Ohhhh Marcos. You know that the other car is basically fully, and I’m the only other person that can give you a ride. 

    I tell him I can. I let him in my car, and I drive him to his (seriously it wasn’t even far lol). I unlock the door and say bye. He gets halfway out of my car and  I say “what about my hug?”.He gets back in and gives me this strong grizzly bear hug. I lightly claw his back a little with my right hand as hes hugging me. I let him go, he says thanks for the ride, and I drive away. As I’m driving on the street, he catches up to me, and waves to me as hes driving along side me.

I slept like a baby. 

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Rules Of a HeartBreaker

Rules Of a HeartBreaker

Rules Of a HeartBreaker

Rules Of a HeartBreaker

Rules Of a HeartBreaker

Rules Of a HeartBreaker

My HeartBreaker Playlist.

No matter your style, these songs will be sure to boost your confidence! Some are fun, while others are mysterious and sexy. Feel free to drop suggestions in my ask box. Hope you all enjoy my personal heartbreaker playlist straight from my phone!

-xoxo,ROAHB <3

1. How To Be a HeartBreaker - Marina and the Diamonds

2. Power and Control - Marina and the Diamonds

3. The Birds - The Weeknd

4. Next - The Weeknd

5. Gone - The Weeknd

6. Remember You - The Weeknd

7. Activate My Heart - Natalia Kills

8. Problem - Natalia Kills

9. Homewrecker - Marina and the Diamonds

10. Begging Me - Florrie

11. You got Me - Crash Kings

12. Off to the Races - Lana Del Rey

13. Lolita - Lana Del Rey

14. Pour it Up - Rihanna

15. Boys With Girlfriends - Meiko

16. Femme Fetale - Sky Ferreira

17. Electra Heart - Marina and the Diamonds

18. Flawless - Beyonce

19. Partition - Beyonce

20. Yonce - Beyonce

21. My Song 5 - Haim

Anonymous asked: There's this guy I had something with a month ago but he stopped talking to me, It really hurt me since I really loved him and yesterday he sent me a message but I'm pretty sure he was drunk when he did it, should I reply?

Ask yourself if you actually loved him. 

More importantly, if you think he is worth talking to, reply. Its really up to you and how much of your time he thinks you’re worth.


Rules Of a HeartBreaker

Rules Of a HeartBreaker

Rules Of a HeartBreaker

Rules Of a HeartBreaker

Rules Of a HeartBreaker

Rules Of a HeartBreaker

Rules Of a HeartBreaker

Rules Of a HeartBreaker

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